How brands successfully analyze YouTube?

We’ve been working with brands for about 4 years and we know it is important for them to know what the community says about products. Today, there are a lot of social media monitoring tools, which let brands know what people are talking about and how often they mention the brand itself.

Youtube and Instagram are not only a piece of text information to work with but also video data. Mentions inside the video content must not be ignored in the world full of reviews and influencers.

For example, wouldn’t competitors like Nike, Adidas, Puma or Reebok like to know how video content is shaping customers’ impression of them?
We analyzed their data to find what people on Youtube were saying about them.

We analyzed their data to find what people on Youtube were saying about them.

Our service Capturica analyzed video content in real time, collected all the brand mentions, and determined their sentiment, highlighting the content that had the greatest impact.

We provide our clients not only with statistics but with actionable insights — meaningful actions that can be taken from analyzing raw data.

It is important to analyze not only videos with the brand name in the title, but the whole verticals as well — if we are making a report for Nike, we also monitoring sports and clothes verticals, to find videos with mentions, that are impossible to find with a simple brand search queries in Youtube.

Brands are often mentioned multiple times in one video, that is why it is important to analyze not only the number of videos with the brand but the mentions themselves.

It is helpful to analyze likes and views to understand what is engaging the audience. For example — the blogger buys all sneakers in the Nike shop.

Actionable Insight: The audience likes this kind of video, so the brand can make a collaboration with a blogger or put an advertisement, targeted to the blogger’s audience.

It is also important to analyze the sources of mentions — a collaboration with channels, who have a huge amount of content, connected to a brand, might increase the brand awareness.

Word clouds can help businesses find customers’ pain points. Collecting all the context of brand mentions helps to generate a word cloud to identify if there are any phenomenons to deal with.

Actionable Insight: Find out what is the most important factor in your product by looking at the context of mentions of your brand and your competitors. Adjust your advertisement with this knowledge.

Monitoring not only yours but a competitors brand allows to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents within the market to take advantage of your competitive edge based on your user-base and content. That is why we look not only for standalone mentions but for the combinations as well.

Actionable Insight: Review all negative mentions about your brand and react to them

Sentiment analysis is extremely useful in social media monitoring as it allows brands to get a summary of the public opinion. Collecting negative mentions inside the video content allows clients to see what people think of their products or services, and to understand what people think about competitors. It is also important to analyze, in which extent is the mention positive or negative — we detect positive mentions and even better.

Actionable Insight: Brand can review all negative mentions and react on them fast with the help of Capturica real-time analysis. Positive mentions can help you highlight your strengths and use them in your advantage.

All these statistics were collected by the platform Capturica.

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